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What is Success?
     What is success? Most people would include fame or the attainment of wealth in their definition of that word.  But after reading the life stories of such famous and wealthy men such as Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, and most recently, the late Steve Jobs, one notices a melancholy in their lives.  They seem never to be satisfied with achieving. As though, to them, money and fame was not enough to satisfy a deep longing.
    The Bible records that after the death of Moses, God appointed Joshua to assume leadership of the family of Abraham, the Israelites.  His job would be to lead more than two million people along with their possessions and animals across the Jordan River into the Promised Land, Israel.  Joshua had been Moses' right hand man during this long journey from Egypt.  He knew only too well the faults and foibles of this group of people.  He had gained lots of on-the-job training thus far, but yet he was all too aware of what a challenge this would be!  Perhaps he had some self doubt about his leadership capabilities for the first sentence of the book of Joshua reads, "Be brave Joshua!".
     God assures Joshua that he will be a successful leader and will attain the goal of getting these people into the land God promised to Abraham years age.  God, however, did not leave Joshua to guess how that success wold be attained.  He instructs him to obey to the letter all the laws given to Moses.  And not to just obey but to meditate on them.  And not just to meditate, but do think about them day and night.  God further instructed Joshua to get rid of his fear and doubt and remember that God would be with him. This was the formula for success.  Know God.  Trust His Promises.  Obey his law.
That is still a formula for success for us whether we are CEO of a corporation, a homemaker, a welder, a secretary or a business owner.  We may never be a Ford, Rockefeller or Jobs, but every day we will face hard decisions, difficult people and challenging circumstances.  We can be a Joshua.
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To develop followers of Jesus Christ who demonstrate His character in all they think, say and do.
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We will be a place where people are equipped and freed to use their gift to serve their church and community
               "Loving People To Jesus"
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