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How many of you out there are already thinking about what to buy or give to that special person in your life?  Jewelry, flowers, candy, dinner and a show??  I know it has crossed my mind already!  But, now that I am writing this devotional there is a whole different gift of Love going through my mind, I am sure you know what I am talking about?  "Unconditional love", the kind we have for our spouse, children, parents, The Love Our Father in Heaven has for us, and gave his son, whom He loved unconditionally to die for "OUR" sins.  Can we honestly say that we would be willing to do the same thing our God did for us, give your child for someone else's sins.  This time of unconditional love, please be thinking of the ultimate sacrifice that was given for us.  I know many of us have lost someone we love unconditionally and would have traded places to save them. I would of gladly given my life for a few people I have lost, after I have seen, and felt how deeply wounded loved ones left  here are. 
 But God gave His Son for all of us, so imagine how deeply wounded He is when we ignore His "Unconditional Love"?

"Loving People To Jesus"




Angel by Your Side
Francesca Battistelli
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